What to Expect from Frozen Shoulder Surgery

Do you have pain and stiffness in your shoulder? You may have a frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis. It is a condition that affects the capsule or joint lining of the shoulder. Over time, it can make the shoulder difficult to move or rotate. 

Sometimes frozen shoulders can get better on their own. Physical therapy can be helpful to learn the best exercises to help find relief and increase mobility. 

If symptoms are not relieved by conservative treatment methods, your orthopedic provider may recommend surgery. A consultation with a provider at Raleigh Orthopedic Panther Creek can help address the severity of your frozen shoulder and the best course of treatment. 

What Should I Know About Frozen Shoulder Surgery?

Surgery may be recommended if the shoulder is causing pain that continues to worsen, along with stiffness that is not relieved with time. It may be an option when symptoms have a significant impact on our daily lives. 

The goal of surgery is to stretch and release the joint capsule. This is most commonly accomplished by arthroscopic shoulder surgery. 

Shoulder Manipulation under Anesthesia 

For the surgery, you are given general anesthesia. The surgeon will move the capsule and stretch the scar tissue, releasing the tightness and improving the range of motion. 

Shoulder Arthroscopy

During shoulder arthroscopy, the doctor will cut through the tight areas of the joint capsule. The surgeon will use small instruments and a small camera inserted through incisions in the shoulder. 

Often surgeons use a combination of both procedures for the best outcome. 

What Should I Expect for Recovery After Frozen Shoulder Surgery?

Recovery time can take up to three months to heal. An arm splint is used after surgery to keep the shoulder from being stretched while healing. Physical therapy is usually started soon after surgery to help prevent new scar tissue from forming. 

There is often pain after surgery which can make you hesitant to move the shoulder. However, without mobility, the same problems that initially caused the symptoms can reoccur. 

Are There Any Complications From Frozen Shoulder Surgery?

The most common complication from frozen shoulder is ongoing or worsening of symptoms. This is caused by the formation of new scar tissue, which can make the pain and mobility symptoms reoccur. Physical therapy helps to decrease the risk of complications. 

There are other rare complications which can include infection or nerve and cartilage damage. Arthroscopic surgery procedures help to reduce these risks significantly. 

The best way to reduce any risk of complications is to follow your physical therapy plan after surgery. Early in recovery, you may see your therapist a few days per week. It is essential to keep all appointments. You will also need to do the suggested exercises several times at home as directed by your physical therapist. 

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