5 reasons why you should have your surgery at an Ambulatory Surgery Center and not a hospital

Have you been referred for an outpatient surgical procedure at the Orthopaedic Surgery Center of Panther Creek? Well, we have good news for you. As the leading orthopedic surgical center in Cary, you are in good hands. 

In this blog post, we’ll provide you with 5 reasons why you should feel reassured about having your surgery done at our orthopedic surgery center.

1. Lower costs compared to hospitals

An outpatient or ambulatory surgical center is a medical facility designed for the treatment of outpatients - patients who visit the facility for diagnosis or treatment, but do not require to be admitted for overnight care.

Procedures at an outpatient center can be significantly less than those completed at a hospital. On average, it costs substantially less per patient to complete the same surgery at an outpatient surgical center versus the hospital. 

Several factors may contribute to this factor and are benefits in themselves for choosing ambulatory care centers for surgeries: 

  • A reduction in delays of surgeries
  • Fewer patients to manage
  • No emergency surgeries interrupting the times of scheduled surgeries

2. Patient satisfaction

Patients at our orthopedic surgery center regularly rate us 5 stars out of 5. Be sure to check out our testimonials here (INSERT LINK WHEN TESTIMONIAL PAGE IS READY).

3. Safer surgical procedures compared to hospitals

One of the greatest advantages of outpatient surgery centers is safety for patients. Patients are not only in good hands because surgeons do not feel pressured to rush, but ambulatory care centers have lower rates of infection. 

One study in the Journal of American Medicine found for every 1,000 outpatient surgeries, 3.09 patients ended up with a surgical site infection at an acute care visit, compared to 4.84 patients per 1,000 who had their surgery performed in the hospital. 

Factors for this include a safe and sterile environment, as well as thorough patient health histories. Any patients who are at risk for infection are treated appropriately, and any sick patients are required to reschedule. 

Furthermore, as a relatively small facility which specializes in orthopedic procedures (and not other types of patients), there is a much lower chance of contracting COVID-19 than in a regular hospital. On top of this, we have taken additional measures to protect our patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Family members are currently encouraged to stay in cars, wear masks, and maintain social distancing in our waiting room. Interaction with the patient is currently limited to registration and discharge.

4. Specializing in orthopedics

Orthopaedic Surgery Center of Panther Creek focuses solely on orthopedic procedures. The facility is designed to accommodate orthopedic patients. All staff, from the front desk to our surgeons, are trained in the specialty area. 

We value consistency in care, which includes understanding your medical history and orthopaedic situation. Our staff forms a partnership with the patient, providing education and guidance from pre-op through recovery. 

5. Recovery at Home

You have a busy life, and your time is precious. Any time spent out of the hospital and at home is valuable. 

Outpatient surgery centers allow patients to go home on the same day as the procedure. This will enable patients to heal in a comfortable environment, which helps with pain management and rest after surgery. There is also a decreased risk of infection if allowed to recover in the home environment. 

Find out more about the Orthopaedic Surgery Center of Panther Creek

Our board-certified and fellowship-trained surgeons have advanced specialties in their chosen field. We also have an experienced and dedicated nursing staff trained in Advanced Life Support (ALS). 

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