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5 of the Most Difficult Orthopedic Surgeries to Recover From

With most surgeries, some amount of pain is expected. Some people hesitate to have surgery out of fear of a long, challenging, and painful recovery. It is important to consider that some surgeries are more difficult to recover from than others, but you will find relief from your symptoms if you can get through the recovery period. 

Some surgeries cause more pain and have a longer period of recovery than others. Spine and joint replacement surgeries are included in this category. However, every individual is different. Some people experience more pain than others. 

It is important to discuss your concerns and health history when considering surgery, including your pain tolerance. Providers at our outpatient surgery center in Cary can discuss expectations depending upon the surgery performed. 

This article will discuss orthopedic surgeries that tend to be more painful or have a more lengthy recovery period. 

1. Spinal Fusion Surgery

What is spinal fusion surgery? It is a procedure where two vertebrae are fused to prevent the movement that is causing pain. Often the surgeon will use bone grafting, taking bone from the hip, which is used to facilitate bone growth and fuse the vertebrae. 

After surgery, the recovery period can take up to six months while the vertebrae fuse to the bone graft. It is not unusual to stay at the hospital for several days after having a spinal fusion. 

2. Complex Spinal Reconstruction

Complex spinal construction involves surgery to correct and treat spinal damage. Common diagnoses include spinal stenosis and scoliosis. With these surgeries, the surgeon uses metal rods and screws to correct a curved spine or make it more stable. 

Because of the high number of nerves in the spine, recovery after the procedure can be more painful than other orthopedic surgeries. 

3. Knee Replacement

With a knee replacement, the surgeon removes damaged joints of the knee, replacing them with an artificial joint or implant. It is a common procedure but can be a painful recovery. Understand, it is major surgery, so it is essential to allow time for healing to have the best outcome possible. 

A full recovery is expected by following after-care instructions, including medication, follow-up appointments, and physical therapy. 

4. ACL Surgery

Though ACL procedures are minimally invasive, they can still cause pain. Recovery from the surgery can take up to six months. 

With ACL surgery, the surgeon may reconstruct or replace torn parts of the ACL. By allowing for a proper recovery, patients can have ideal outcomes. By allowing for time to heal, patients will see an improvement in mobility and less pain. 

5. Shoulder Replacement

The surgeon removes the damaged or diseased part of the shoulder with a shoulder replacement, replacing it with an artificial joint.

A shoulder replacement is considered major surgery and can have a lengthy recovery period. By participating in physical therapy, taking medications as prescribed, and following guidelines provided by your surgeon, you can expect to have a successful recovery. 

Are you wondering when is the right time to have a shoulder replacement? Check out our blog post and learn more about when is the right time to have a shoulder replacement.

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